Maintenance Of 918Kiss 2020

Gone are the days that you had to dress up, drive hours to a land casino just to try your luck at some games. Sometimes you returned home with big winnings and at times empty-handed. With the advancement of the internet, the online casino gambling industry bloomed. Overnight by surprise, the whole world was able to play online casino games from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Just like mushrooms popping up on a rainy day, so did a few online casinos. One such casino was SCR888. It gave many deposit options, fast withdrawals, and above all the best security. SCR88 was able to keep it going for a year or two. The gamers were increasing and demand was more. So, SCR888 went through a heavy rebranding transformation and emerged as 918Kiss.

With a wide variety of slot, table, and arcade games, great audiovisual experience, and all the other basic fulfillments, 918Kiss got customers all over the world. Usually, all casinos schedule maintenance regularly to update their software and to correct all their bugs and glitches. Thus, 918Kiss is no exceptional. Usually, the maintenance from 918Kiss would last a few hours or a maximum of 1 day.

Maintenance Of 918Kiss

What could be the reasons for this indefinite maintenance?

The biggest rumor about this hacking is that there is a big game loophole and some players found it and had won 3 million dollars. All these are rumors only and we have not officially heard from 918Kiss.

Their signboard on the 918Kiss says “Maintenance”. Where do we go from here? All the die-hard fans of 918Kiss online games are panicking as the clock ticks on. For them every minute is money. 918Kiss is not giving any explanations or internet release on this maintenance issue at hand.

So, the only thing that 918Kiss die-hard fans can do is to move to some other online casino platforms. I am sure that lately many of you would have come across XE88 and Mega888. XE88 is a brainchild of 918Kiss.

918Kiss wanted to give its current and new gamers a new experience in online casino gaming. Thus, XE88 sprung up with better features like cool animations, better winnings, faster payouts to capture the hearts of the millennial and generation Z gamers.

It did achieve its dream as just only 1 year in the online gaming field, it has thousands of followers. On the other hand, Mega888 has been around for nearly 3 years now, It too has thousands of followers and doing pretty well.

Many elderly gamers find that they can relate to Mega888 as it has many of the games that 918kiss has. Thus, no necessity to re-learn the games again.
The final verdict here is that we do not know when 918Kiss will come out of this maintenance. Maybe it will or maybe it will not. Only time will tell. So, let’s not sit around doing anything and just worry that cannot access 918kiss. It is just like if one shirt does not fit, just wear another that fits. Keep your passion for online casino gaming through other platforms. Try Mega888 or XE88 today. There will be no regrets!

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