Jerry works in a small company as a mobile app development specialist. From a young age, Jerry loved to play online computer and mobile games. So, he pursued a degree course in computer science majoring in mobile app development. Upon graduating and fresh out of university, he found this job which was a godsend to him.

Jerry’s company was also into developing slot, video, and arcade games for some famous online casinos. Jerry got 918Kiss online casino as his assignment. 918Kiss already had a reputation of being in the casino gaming arena for the past decade. Jerry has heard of 918Kiss but not familiar with it.

So, for the next few days, Jerry took it upon himself to read and find out more about 918Kiss. He wanted to know who was the founder of 918Kiss and to learn about him. For days, all Jerry got was information about 918Kiss and its games. He found out that SCR888 was the old name of 918Kiss and after a great makeover and rebranding, came out as 918Kiss. This did not satisfy Jerry at all.

One evening Jerry came upon an article about Michael Tan the founder of Mega888 online casino. Michael’s story was inspiring and heartwarming. Suddenly an idea struck Jerry’s mind. Would Michael Tan know the founder of 918Kiss? There could be a possibility. So, Jerry searched high and low for Michael’s contact details. A phone number or email address will be enough.

Jerry had a university friend working in Berita Harian. He contacted him and within an hour Jerry had Michael’s email address. He sat down and wrote Michael a long email. Days went by and there was no reply from Michael. During this period Jerry got to know more about all the great features of 918Kiss and its awesome games. He looked at all the current games and sketched out a plan on what to improve and what to scrap.

The next morning Jerry got a surprise. He got a phone call from Michael Tan, the founder of Mega888. Jerry’s heart was beating fast but he composed himself and asked the first question. Do you know who is the founder of 918KISS was Jerry’s first question to Michael? Michael’s answer was, “Yes of course. It’s Aaron Ng, my mentor, and close friend”. Jerry’s heartbeat skipped a beat or two. He swallowed his saliva and asked,” Can you tell me more?”

Thus started the conversation between Michael and Jerry. Michael told that Aaron was his mentor and a good friend. Aaron had a keen mind for computer programming and coding skills. Above all, Aaron had a good heart to share with others what he knows and has learned. Thus, that is how Michael’s interest too grew in coding and programming video games. So, finally, jerry got his answer from another great founder.

This gave Jerry a better idea on how to improve the games in 918Kiss. He worked on them for a few weeks and got some job done. At the back of his mind, he still wanted to meet Aaron Ng to better understand 918Kiss.

Well, we all know that it was not going to happen as Michael himself did not reveal Aaron’s contact details. Jerry worked extremely hard on the 918Kiss games and improved a lot of them to meet the current trend. He was hoping that one day, Aaron would see the great improvement he had done on the 918Kiss games and come personally to meet him.

Well, everything we wish will not happen. Only time will tell if Jerry would meet with Aaron Ng, the founder of 918Kiss.

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