The Founder Of Joker13 And MEGA888

Growing Up as a simpleton

Growing up in a middle-class Chinese family in Taiping, a small town in the state of Perak in West Malaysia was not easy for Michael Tan (aka MT), Being the eldest child in his family, Michael had to shoulder many great responsibilities. He had to be a good example for his siblings to follow and look up to.

Daily after school, he would work part-time to earn extra income to pay tuition fees for himself and his siblings. His parents ran a small grocery business in their hometown of Taiping, and so on weekends, Michael would be at the shop to help out his parents to run the business.

Ever since his teenage life, Michael had always felt the presence of a very strong power inside him. This power made Michael feel that the world is a place where there are great opportunities and endless possibilities. He doesn’t know where he got this power from but it must be by looking at his parents who slogged very hard for the family.

College Life

Michael was a diligent student in high school and he got good grades in his high school leaving exam (SPM). He saw no potential in his hometown to further his studies and in getting a good job to build his career. So, with his parents’ consent, he moved to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur was the land of opportunities and the business hub of Malaysia.

Thus, finding a good college to further his studies was a breeze. Michael chose Information Technology (IT) as he had a soft spot for internet games. He usually played them during his free time and excelled in it.

Throughout his 4 years in college, Michael proved again and again that he was a talented and intelligent student. He won many awards because IT was his favorite subject and thus was able to excel and shine in it.

Working Life

Upon graduating with a degree in Information Technology, Michael embarked on his career path with full determination. His first job was with an IT development company that specialized in coding video games. Since Michael loved playing internet games, this was a dream job for him. He excelled in his job and made his employer proud.

Soon Michael realized that the power within him to explore opportunities and possibilities woke up and spoke to him. Thus, this spurred him to form MT Venture Sdn Bhd. Michael built and released his video games.

Surprisingly, most of these video games produced became a super hit among many when compared to other video games in the market. Thus started Michael’s gradual climb to fame and fortune.

Going Beyond

Michael Tan is a shrewd observer in business realized that the gaming industry was booming tremendously. A lot of real-time games were coming up by many gaming companies like SCR888 and 918Kiss. A lot of people were engaging themselves in playing these games.

With his team of only 10 members and a capital of USD300,000, Michael embarked on building his Mega888 empire. Day and night his team worked hard to put where Mega888 is now. He is the founder of MEGA888 and has successfully grown the company to be the largest game company in South East Asia. Did Michael stop there?

Of course not. A business hungry person will never be happy with what he currently has. So, Michael’s new venture was Joker13. Both Mega888 and Joker13 sing their accolades by providing a great gaming experience with awesome audiovisual effects.

Whatever their strengths may be Mega888 and Joker13 are under Michael Tan’s company umbrella. Today, Michael Tan’s total net worth is estimated at USD8.3 billion.

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